on the side of good

One of Z's many responsibilities as a Global Messenger for the Special Olympics is serving as an advocate for the disabled community. Z uses her voice and experiences to share her story with politicians and law-makers, seeking change and inspiring support for individuals with disabilities and their families. While many passionate groups may align with… Continue reading on the side of good

peas in a pod

It is impossible to engage with Z without recognizing the important role her mother (Simyra) has played in her growth and her advocacy. From early education and advocating for her daughter's rights, to homeschooling, to moving out of the city, and playing personal chauffeur for all of Z's many activities, Simyra has done everything possible… Continue reading peas in a pod

Z at the zoo

Zinyra expressed an early interest in nature and animals. As any devoted parent would, her mother made sure to provide every opportunity to learn about these topics through books and by visiting the zoo. In fact, it was at Brookfield Zoo that Z spoke her first word ("cat"), while standing in front of a tiger… Continue reading Z at the zoo