Z is always is a leader in a lot of ways. She reminds the other players to communicate with one another. She has great game awareness and can anticipate the offense of other teams. She’s optimistic. She shows a lot of courage. Even when winning looks bleak, Z still plays hard until the end. She has great sports”women”ship.

Blake (coach)

Z has the most amazing attitude and work ethic of any young person I know. She is always asking for a way to help out. And she always does it with a smile!

Donna (colleague)

Anytime I stood back and watched Zinyra work, I couldn’t help but smile. I can just see how much she enjoys what she’s doing and truly wants to be a great example to others.

Paige (former supervisor)

There are many remarkable things about Z; her humor, art, dedication as an employee, passion for animals, and her ability to connect with everyone. What I hope people find most remarkable is that Z and her mom don’t necessarily find what Z does to be exceptional; it is simply the life she lives.  That she inspires others in the process is a cherry on top!

Jill (supervisor)

I was so fortunate to work with Zinyra! She is such a strong and determined young woman, and she inspires me to this day. She has accomplished so much already and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her.

Natalie (former supervisor)

I am continually in awe of Zinyra’s growth, leadership, and passion. She has a way of making others feel instantly at ease and uses this ability to truly connect and help them understand her message.

Debra (former supervisor)

Zinyra believes one person can make a difference and everyone should try. 

Simyra (Z’s mom)

She is creating her future. 

Simyra (Z’s mom)

[Speaking about snakes] Most people can’t see the beauty because of their fear. Like individuals with disabilities who are often judged. People need to see the true beauty within.